[orca-list] Debugging Webbrowsing

Hi there,

since I am mostly a terminal user, I am still not too familiar with the
tricks of the trade when Orca and or Firefox do not behave themselves.
Right now I am struggling with the following situation: On two different
notebooks (one Intel based, the other AMD) I have Ubuntu 20.04
installed with Gnome 3 and XOrg. From a terminal I start an X session
and launch Firefox. After entering
into the address bar, I navigate to the search field by pressing e.
Because it does not annouce „focus mode“, I want to press tab followed
by shift+tab. On the Intel notebook this procedure works as expected, on
the AMD, however, there is no reaction after pressing tab. The system is
not frozen but it feels like it for some time. Trying different things
to move somewhere else like pressing arrow keys, f6 to get to the
address bar or multiple tabs may cause some reaction eventually, but I
fail to get to the search field in focus mode.

Do you have an idea how to find the cause for this behaviour? I suspect
a difference in the Firefox configuration (or some lower level) but I
really have no idea where to start. I used to run the Mate desktop
environment on the AMD system for a while but had issues there, so I
swithed back to the default Ubuntu Gnome 3 environment. On the Intel
system it has always been the default Gnome 3 environment. The current
Firefox version on both systems is 91.0.2.

Perhaps you can give me a hint.

Thank you in advance and best wishes,


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