Re: [orca-list] Orca does not read the Libreoffice style management window


Dňa 29. 5. 2021 o 20:27 Jason White via orca-list napísal(a):

On 28/5/21 7:07 am, Peter Vágner via orca-list wrote:
* Navigate using up and down in a tree with right and left arrow keys expanding nodes. So for example move up and down until you find heading, then press right arrow to expand and then down arrow to choose a heading at level you wish.

I just tried it for testing purposes (under LibreOffice 7.1.3). The tree widget shows only "default paragraph style", and arrow keys produce an error beep.

Default paragraph style is the root node of a tree. Orca does not report whether a tree node is expanded or collapsed.

When default paragraph style is expanded pressing up arrow or right arrow you should hear a beep similar to begining or end of a line.

When default paragraph style is expanded pressing down arrow key you will focus Quotes at level2. Navigating further with down arrow key you will be passing through

Header and footer


End note


Once you focus heading you can use right arrow key to expand and down arrow to explore heading levels, it's level 3 of that treeview control.



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