Re: [orca-list] Orca does not read the Libreoffice style management window

On 28/5/21 7:07 am, Peter Vágner via orca-list wrote:
I can remember having issues with this but now I'm running libreoffice 7.1.3 and I can do the following:

* Select text I wish to change style of

* Press F11 key. Unlabelled toggle button will receive the focus.

* Press tab key. Another unlabelled toggle button wil receive focus

* Press tab key one more time. Tree view will receive focus.

* Navigate using up and down in a tree with right and left arrow keys expanding nodes. So for example move up and down until you find heading, then press right arrow to expand and then down arrow to choose a heading at level you wish.

I just tried it for testing purposes (under LibreOffice 7.1.3). The tree widget shows only "default paragraph style", and arrow keys produce an error beep.

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