Re: [orca-list] GetMailRC or FetchMailRC File

Hi Glenn

A little reading on the web shows that maildir is newer, theoretiacally more secure and stable. Mbox is older can be read by everything is faster for adding new messages, and searching but may have locking issues.

I would guess that most clients can read either.


On Tue, 18 May 2021, Glenn K0LNY wrote:

Which would be best for being able to import them into a client later?

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The example and instructions on the linode site are fairly
straightforward.  You should be able to pretty much use it and substitute
what you need to change.  You need to know what protocol your mail server
expects and the port which you should be able to find in whatever client
you are using to access your email currently.  the only other thing then
is whether you want it stored in a maildir or mbox format (getmail
supports both).  That may to some degree depend on how you plan to read
them later.


On Tue, 18 May 2021, Glenn K0LNY wrote:

I'm having difficulties configuring both getmail and fetchmail RC files.
I plan on downloading all twenty years of my eMail from my ISP before they
delete everything in a couple weeks, as they are discontinuing eMail.
None of my clients have ever gotten more than a year or two back.
So I'm hoping one of these synchronization utilities will download
I've downloaded a sample RC file from the web, but it's difficult to make
sense of it.
I'm hoping someone could send me theirs without the password of course.


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