Re: [orca-list] kali linux and orca?

Thanks, what key combination to increase sound volume?
Is it necessary to key in account then password or just password for an
already existing user account?
A few years ago when I did my last install, I got the install done and
only needed to start up orca when logging in.  The orca package was
already on the installed system.  From what you write, things definitely
degraded for this distro with respect to accessibility.

On Tue, 18 May 2021, Florian Beijers via orca-list wrote:

Not quite that simple. What I recall doing was installing it with speech,
so far so good. Then, because I recalled that I had issues with this in the
past, I hammered volume up several times on the logon screen, and I got the
noise it makes when it changes volume. If you're hearing that, at least
your sound is working.
I noticed that the  hotkey wasn't toggling Orca though, so I jumped into a
text console (ctrl+alt+f3 if I'm not mistaken) and ran an apt-get install
orca from there using OCR. After a reboot, I could toggle Orca with the
hotkey at that point.
What you can try is hit insert+space when Orca should be running, then OCR
to see if the Orca preferences came up. If not, it's not running, you can
debug from there.
I was using Vmware player as I recall correctly. I did this about a year
ago and have just been migrating the VM and updating it ever since as I'd
rather not deal with it again, but I did have to recreate the VM back in
January or so and that same procedure worked for me.


Op di 18 mei 2021 om 18:23 schreef Reece O'Bryan <reeceobryan icloud com>:

Volume up in my case, even manually installed orca, speech dispatcher and
espeakup. Are you saying that you actually got it working by just doing an
installation normally and then turning the volume up? What software were
you using to run it virtualized?

Thank you,

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On May 18, 2021, at 11:21 AM, Florian Beijers via orca-list <
orca-list gnome org> wrote:

If you have media keys  on your keyboard, particularly a volume up key
using the FN key or so, send those to the VM. More than likely Orca is
talking, but you just can't hear it.
I have seen speech dying during install, and I have no idea why or how
that happens, but in pretty much all cases I had to manually install Orca
and bring up the volume after installing to the hard drive. The one time
this didn't work, it turned out that the front jacks on my NUC weren't
properly supported and plugging in a USB-class-compliant sound card fixed
it at the time.


Op di 18 mei 2021 om 16:51 schreef Jonesy Cee via orca-list <
orca-list gnome org>:

Have tried to get it working multiple times over the past few months. I
have had no luck any better than yours with getting it talking. The best
that I have gotten is what I currently have with orca still not talking,
yet headless and able to SSH into it. Have tried everything from a virtual
machine to a raspberry pi to bare metal.

Speech dies either during installation or directly afterward.

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On May 17, 2021, at 10:10 PM, Jude DaShiell <jdashiel panix com> wrote:

Has anyone recently installed this on bare metal; managed to log in,
got orca talking?  I chose gnome and large extras for packages (8) when I
did this install and got no further than that.  This was using the s
parameter on the boot line to get debian speaking me through the install.
It may be the accessibility stuff isn't getting copied over to the right
places when an accessible install is done.  If it's broken no problem,
this seems to be my month for burning linux coasters.

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