Re: [orca-list] Lightweight Linux distro with screen reader Support

Well, I just checked with Slint installed in a virtual machine restricted to 1G
RAM, teh system is still responsive, so there shouldn't be an issue with 2G.

AS an aside by default we set a compressed swap device in RAM, which practically
multiplies its physical size by 1.7

So in case of 2G the usable size of the RAM becomes 5.4G.

But yes better to allow 40G of disk space to Slint, the minimum being around 30G
(20G for the system plus 10G of user files in this case).


Le 09/05/2021 à 00:36, Dave Hunt via orca-list a écrit :
I think we'll have a new slinter, really soon;  LOL!  Comfortably running the Mate desktop in 4 GB ram.  Would I dare try running it in two?  Hmmm, not sure that experience would be very pleasant. Console-only or console-mostly, two is probably enough.  I hope thiss person can devote at least 40 GB to Slint.  If disk space is also an issue, maybe this person should consider Debian?


Sent from my Lenovo Thinkpad, running Slint GNU/Linux.

On 5/8/21 5:22 PM, Didier Spaier via orca-list wrote:
I meant "after installation there should be no issue..."

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