Re: [orca-list] Orca and Mycroft

I'm downloading it now from Git Hub.
Too bad it won't run on older RPIs.
Also a shame if we cannot set it up non-visually.
BTW, is the voice good, or is it eSpeak?

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A friend of mine who uses Windows but prefers Linux suggested I might try 
I read that the easiest way is to install it is to get it from Git.
There is also a Snap package for it but people are warned of bugs.
I tried to get it from Git but the commands I tried did nothing.
I obtained the Snap package of it.
Launching Mycroft from the GUI, Orca said nothing and I got no progress.
I typed Mycroft from Gnome-terminal and I got a lot of verbal information 
with Orcca like it was sounding like it was going through some set up 
process but Orca seemed to be repeating the same info repeatedly so I 
aborted it as I feel I was getting nowhere.
I got Mycroft to speak as I got a voice which was different from the default 
in Orca but it said the app was booting the setup and I had to wait which 
was the furthest I got with Mycroft.

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