Re: [orca-list] Orca not automatically starting with the desktop, although configured

Jeanette, thanks again. I found that I already had a similar file--well--a much smaller one apparently designed when I first got my system up. That said, it was another thing to try and I appreciate it.

Now, after a lot of screwing around, making and unmaking changes in files, I have a system that at least *sort of* works. It might even give me access to the Debian accessibility mailing list, or at least make it easier. I followed the steps in the Debian accessibility wiki page for disabling pulseaudio so that I would not have to disable espeakup.service. I have both speakup and orca talking at the moment, but the ps command shows pulseaudio as running. Orca was running but did not talk after I booted up, but the orca --replace command seemed to fix that. Orca is on TTY2, where it used to be on TTY7, and I can't figure out if anything's on TTY1. So, I'd like a system that makes more sense to me, but that both console and gui are working at the moment is good.


On 8/25/2017 9:23 AM, Jeanette C. wrote:
Hi Al,
Aug 25 2017, Al Sten-Clanton has written:

I'm using gnome, but I wonder if that could be at least one of my
I never got my gnome-shell talking. But you could always try. The
orca.desktop file is attached, just copy it to ~/.config/autostart and
see what happens...

Best wishes and very good luck,


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