Re: [orca-list] LibreOffice Writer: page dialog: when I open the dialog orca announces the title two time, for frame and for dialog

So here's my conclusion from attempting to hack around it:

1. Orca says the frame name because the frame gets activated. At this
   point, Orca doesn't know about the dialog. And diving down the
   accessibility tree looking for a dialog just in case one is there
   has the potential to be non-performant and lead to great delays
   in responsiveness in frames with lots and lots of descendants. If
   the dialog were an immediate descendant of the frame, this would
   suck less. But it's inside a panel which is inside another panel.
   We don't want to do such a just-in-case dive in Orca. Doubly so
   if the only benefit is to work around a bit of chattiness.

2. I can filter out the presentation of the dialog because that's
   presented as an ancestor of the newly-focused widget (different
   accessibility event). However, that means Orca presents the
   frame and then the focused widget and ancestors, but never tells
   you you're in a dialog. Knowing that you're in a dialog can be
   useful because it tells you things about keystrokes you can
   expect to work (e.g. Escape to close the dialog, the possible
   presence of a default button triggered by pressing Enter, etc.).
   We don't want to prevent the user from knowing about these things.
   Doubly so if the only benefit is to work around a bit of chattiness.

Therefore, I'm not going to hack around this one in Orca. And hopefully
the above information combined with your ability to use Accerciser will
give you what you need to file this bug.

I'll leave the broken ancestry / index in parent of -1 on my todo list
for now.


On 08/07/2017 01:22 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
The dialog is contained in a frame with the same name.

I'm trying to hack around that now both for the chattiness issue and
because of your report that Orca is not presenting the focused object in
the Print dialog/frame. Looks like there's also some broken hierarchy
stuff going on with an index in parent of -1.

I'll add reporting these issues to my todo list, but this looks like a
bit of a mess on multiple fronts in LibreOffice and something which my
hacking around may lead to more regressions than improvements.


On 08/07/2017 12:58 PM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Le 07/08/2017 à 18:43, Joanmarie Diggs a écrit :
Hi Alex.

My guess is that the dialog is contained inside a frame and both are
new. I can see about filtering one of those out, but doing so would be a
hack and would only work if the names are exactly the same. Which they
may be in this particular case, but can we always count on that?

So if I understand well dialog shouldn't contain frame as it child ?

It would be nice if LibreOffice could prune some of that noise out of
their own accessibility tree.

I don't know exactly what to report upstream here. Could you report this
bug or explain me?

This issue is old, I can reproduce it on LibreOffice 4.2.

Best regards.

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