Re: [orca-list] Running orca master on talking arch, and have a problem.

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I am running gnome 3.22 in a a arch machine using orca from master without problems. But it seems that arch now is using Wayland by default and it has some problems related to accessibility.

On 10/18/2016 04:11 AM, Vojtěch Polášek wrote:

last week Gnome 2.22 got pushed to Arch Linux repos. I updated and Orca
stopped working. I received a traceback which I unfortunatelly discarded
and the last command of it was something like


I am sorry I don't have it. I thought that the problem is that
python-atspi is still at 2.20 where other packages such as
python-gobject were at 2.22. Could this be a problem?

Can anyone confirm running Orca master on latest Arch with Gnome?

I will reproduce the traceback as soon as possible.




Dne 15.10.2016 v 00:15 B. Henry napsal(a):
As I mentioned in another post, Manjaro updates usually come out in batches, once a week there's a large set of updates rolled out. 
This was always my experience anyway, but I do not have a workinig Manjaro based system here with me to verify that this behavior is still the norm, 
i.e. I cut way down on my F123 use since I started having problems with speakup working along side of Orca.
Judging by past behavior you should see thihs weeks updates, most of them anyway, today or tomorrow as you say.
Good luck.

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