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Orca screen reader developers writes:
Tom Masterson <kd7cyu gmail com> wrote:
To make accessibility universal there are a couple of things that need to

1.  We need to make it part of the education system and start teaching it's
importance and how to do it as part of coding classes.  It is not taught and
therefore not even thought of by most developers.

I agree this is a major problem that needs to be solved.

Of the two items Tom lists, this one is the one where we've had the
least success to date.

In order to succeed in education we must also insure that accessibility
is addressed in the textbooks used in educational settings. This is an
important aspect, and perhaps a more achievable advocacy objective in
that there are fewer publishers, and it's the publishers who need to be
strong armed, imo.


2.  Make it easy if not almost automatic so that developers don't have to
spend extra time adding it.  Especially when using an IDE it should
automatically add at least some form of accessibility items even if it is
something silly like "button" for a button but atleast get something there.

Also, some tools reputedly check for it when compiling an application and warn
of missing accessibility information whenever this situation is detected.

This practice should be encouraged as well.

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