Re: [orca-list] Problems with Orca and pidgin...seems to be an at-spi2-core issue

Hi Dave,

Thunderbird access seems to be in limbo right now. the latest updates to Firefox on Precise seem to have ironed out the bugs with Firefox, but Thunderbird appears to be lagging behind in access. I'm hoping whatever they did to Firefox they'll do to Thunderbird to increase the access of Thunderbird as I like using it both on my Linux and Windows computers for mail.


On 3/25/2012 11:50 PM, Dave Hunt wrote:

Tohmas, your observations re: Pidgin agree wit mine. I had given up on Empathy a while ago, but wasn't sure whether the accessibility issues with it had been fixed. Appears not. I use Pidgin, in Trisquel, for facebook chat, irc, and instant messaging. The twitter plugin works well, too, but I prefer another twitter client.

What of Thunderbird access? Since my distro pushed T-bird to 11, it is no longer useful. Am glad Alpine is still around!


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