[orca-list] found Unity 2D extremely comfortable, just had few doubts

Hello all,
Today I tryed Ubuntu precise and was very pleasantly surprised to find it very comfortable to use. I just have a couple of doubts and if cleared I think I will be ready to make a shift. Firstly, I am extremely pleased that I could setup mobile broadband and wifi connections from the top panel. I could also access the search bar and pressing the alt + f1 I managed to find a few apps in the menu.
However I wish to know if I could add few more apps to that menu and how?
I mean is there some keyboard shortcut or shortcuts which can help me add more apps to the menu that comes with alt + f1? Another aspect I am interested is to change the order of the apps which I can access using the super key + numbers.
What if I wish firefox to be on the first position and then thunderbird?
Lastly, I wish to know if I feel comfortable with unity 2d? can I use Ubuntu 11.10 as of now to get used to the up coming 12.04?

Let's say if I use the latest Orca, Epiphany and other stuff on Ubuntu 11.10, will I be good to go with it untill 12.04 is released?
Happy hacking.

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