Re: [orca-list] Using Ubuntu all the way now

Hi Thomas,
Yes you are right.
Since I only had a short encounter with windows a few years back, I am not really aware of any recent regressions (Windows never has progress any ways ).
In the days when I used windows for a year or 2, it was windows xp.
As soon as Orca became good enough in 7.10, Windows was dead for me and no other versions after xp ever existed for me.
I wasnt aware that windows 7 is so bad in its memory requirements.
If putting the 2 OS on 2 different partitions is what Andi can do, then you are right, it is absolutely the best option.
Happy hacking.

On 29/01/12 11:22, Thomas Ward wrote:

I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Running Windows 7 inside a
virtual machine runs like an absolute dog unless you have a super fast
processor and several gigs of ram. Remember Windows 7 requires at
least 1 GB of ram itself, and 2 GHZ processor just for itself and its
going to zap that right out of your system making Windows and Linux
run very slow. I recommend putting Ubuntu and Windows on separate
partitions to get maximum performance out of each OS.

On 1/28/12, hackingKK<hackingkk gmail com>  wrote:
Putting a VM inside Ubuntu and running windows there is the best way.
If you are seriously going to use Ubuntu which I personally use and
absolutely recommend, about 10 or 15 gb vertual box file is more than
I think barring a few specific activies, all can be done using Ubuntu in
an accesible way.
Happy hacking.

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