Re: [orca-list] Using Ubuntu all the way now


I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Running Windows 7 inside a
virtual machine runs like an absolute dog unless you have a super fast
processor and several gigs of ram. Remember Windows 7 requires at
least 1 GB of ram itself, and 2 GHZ processor just for itself and its
going to zap that right out of your system making Windows and Linux
run very slow. I recommend putting Ubuntu and Windows on separate
partitions to get maximum performance out of each OS.

On 1/28/12, hackingKK <hackingkk gmail com> wrote:
Putting a VM inside Ubuntu and running windows there is the best way.
If you are seriously going to use Ubuntu which I personally use and
absolutely recommend, about 10 or 15 gb vertual box file is more than
I think barring a few specific activies, all can be done using Ubuntu in
an accesible way.
Happy hacking.

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