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Windows like in many aspects is an absolute rubbish OS when it comes to FAT or NTFS. I think even the swap space is not properly done and critical bugs are kept lingering for ages so that M$ can sell future version. I had a friend of mine who did this same process 2 years back and he had same results as Andi got. I certainly recommend having Ubuntu or Vinux as the main OS and then putting a proprietory OS such as windows inside a vertual box for what ever things Linux *currently* can't do for you.
Happy hacking.

On 29/01/12 11:17, Thomas Ward wrote:
Hi Andy,

Not knowing your system specs I can't comment on your own experience,
but I noticed on a Compaq with a 3.6 GHZ processor and 2 GB of ram
there wasn't much of a performance hit for me running Ubuntu in a
Windows swap file. So I know it can work if you have decent system
specs. I also haven't experienced the crashing etc you mentioned
provided I don't fill the swap spaced with files.

However, I do agree it isn't ideal if you are talking about using
Linux as your primary OS. If that's the case then the swap space is
only like 30 GB which isn't enough for the OS plus a lot of books,
movies, your mp3 music collection, whatever. You'd have to store your
files on an external drive which isn't always ideal if you are using a

On 1/28/12, Andy B.<sonfire11 gmail com>  wrote:
Hi. I tried this method before, but it was slow, and after a point it
crashed windows. Not very useful if you want to try and run it as a
primary OS. Now I'm stuck with it, and aside from a few problems I am
trying to figure out, I like what I see so far.

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