[orca-list] XFCE (was Re: Wiki Edits)

Hi Krishnakant, all.

I am not finding any particular instructions for xfce desktop on the
orca wiki.

Well, that's for a couple of reasons:
1. We're only now getting close enough to the point where XFCE will be 
   truly usable for Orca users.
2. I've not written those pages yet. <smiles>

On my to-do list for this evening is to set up a clean environment,
build XFCE from source, and take really, really good notes all along the
way. From that I shall put up the necessary wiki pages so everyone can
dive in.

And then I'll catch everyone up on the plans moving forward. I met the
other day with the core XFCE developers, so things are starting to move.
Yay! And stay tuned.


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