Re: [orca-list] Folder list in thunderbird is not updated

Just done another test: Did the collapsing of an item in the tree view and then expanding it again. The issue was observed, even after minimising thunderbird and alt+tabbing back to it. Then I got orca to reload (orca --replace) and the tree view was reported correctly.

Could there be anything in at-spi2 causing this? I seem to remember that caching was mentioned to try and improve performance of at-spi2 on dbus. Could restarting orca affect a cache in at-spi2 if one exists?

Michael Whapples
On 05/03/11 14:59, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Michael.

Quick response without having had the opportunity to look into it.

Orca doesn't cache information between events; just for the current
event. In other words, if we get say a focus: event, we'll get the
details for speech, and cache those details for braille. But the very
next event that comes in, regardless of its type, will cause us to dump
that cache. So, for all intents and purposes, Orca doesn't cache
information. Therefore, if Orca is reporting outdated information, my
guess would be that Thunderbird is providing us with outdated

Creating a simple pyatspi listener in python would be a way to test what
Orca has access to.

Hope this helps.

On Tue, 2011-05-03 at 11:39 +0100, Michael Whapples wrote:
I am using thunderbird 3.3a3 and I have noticed that the tree view
showing folders can become outdated with orca. Here are some examples:
1. The number of new messages next to a folder is not updated, orca was
still reporting one new message in my inbox when I had removed all
messages (IE. the inbox entry read "inbox (1)").
2. I have multiple email accounts on my computer, should I go to the
first one and collapse it and then expand it again, the first folder is
still reported as the second email account name.

Does anyone have a clue what might be causing the bug? I am using orca
3.0.1, at-spi2 (dbus) and as I said thunderbird 3.3a3.

Michael Whapples
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