Re: [orca-list] Is anyone using Orca with Emacspeak? And does speech-dispatcher support hardware synths?

So, how does one write the specific modue le, if you know the commands
for the synth?

Tomas Cerha <cerha brailcom org> wrote:

Dne 13.6.2011 14:39, Steve Holmes napsal(a):
A while ago, I expressed interest in developing a speech dispatcher
module to support hardware synths in general.  I was thinking of doing
something like the generic module.

Hi Steve,

Yes I seem to remember we discussed your ideas on the mailing list and
it looked promising.  As Hynek just told me, the main problem with
handling HW synths with the current generic module was that the
command line programs which you usually get with them don't wait until
the text is spoken.  They exit immediately as they send the command to
the device.  This doesn't allow synchronization of speech needed by
SD.  If there is a chance to get feedback from the device after the
utterance is spoken, HW synths can be integrated quite well with SD.
This will most likely require a specific module, not the generic one.

Best regards, Tomas
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