Re: [orca-list] Is anyone using Orca with Emacspeak? And does speech-dispatcher support hardware synths?



However, if one could develop a
module for speech dispatcher which could talk to the modern USB ports,
those hardware boxes could find a nice home again.


I'm not sure a generic speech-dispatcher module would do it here. Many
of the newer USB synths like the Trippletalk USB need a driver to
bbewritten for them to operate under Linux, and to this date no one
has actually written a Linux driver for them. The serial devices like
the Dectalk Express, from what I can tell, don't work using a serial
to USB adapter so it looks like USB support for those devices isn't
possible either. However, I do agree if we are going to support
hardware synths at all we should probably integrate that support into
something like speech-dispatcher rather than via Emacspeak.


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