Re: [orca-list] Structural HTML navigation by lists

Am 20.01.2011 08:30, schrieb Hammer Attila:

I think some time the single list possibility is practical, because if
have lot of objects have a page, the one list generation with containing
all objects is slower with requesting a single list with containing real
the need object. I think this is not Marcus mistake (slow large list
generation), this is depending webpage containing lot of objects or not.
So I think absolute not matter to have both two possibility, but this is
only my openion. If more people would like only one list with containing
all HTML objects with a treeview structure, I agree this, For example I
very often using single links list if I would like asking only links.

I think the "all objects" list from the last patch is very fast (~ 3
seconds). Sure, some pages with many objects are creating a slower list
(~ 10 seconds). This can't be avoided, however.

All people I know would prefer different lists. The "all in one" list
would be good if you search for example "Logout" but you don't know if
it's a link, a button, an image or anything else.

With shortcuts related:
Marcus doed alphabetical order is logical. I suggest only replacing list
of frames and list of form fields keybindings if the tree table all
navigable HTML object style list and single objects list both acceptable
the community. Of course if have more community persons acceptable
different keystrokes, not matter if keybindings is changed, the purpose
both two keyboard layout this keystrokes are easy to press. :-):-)
Need founding keybindings with more acceptable the community, because if
have a final keymap, but if the user want changing this keystrokes, need
changing this keystrokes with all supported structural navigation Orca
application-specific preferences. This feature now supporting following
applications if I remember right:
- Firefox,
- Thunderbird,
- Yelp,
- Writer and Libreoffice Writer.
So, if this feature keybindings is not acceptable an user, need changing
this keystrokes with five application-specific preference file (remove
old keystrokes, bound new keystrokes, apply the preferences with
application to application).

If all structural navigation objects should be accessible with a list, I
would prefer to use shortcuts using the normal structural navigation
with one or (if required) two additional keys, like Jason's proposal.


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