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There's always the accessiblelinux list I started a while back, it has a few subscribers but not enough to make it a very useful info resource yet. It is extremely low traffic at the moment. You can subscribe by visiting:
I suppose a link could be put on the Wiki for anyone with questions that aren't Orca related .
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On Mon, 2011-08-15 at 19:08 -0400, Albert Sten-Clanton wrote:

If John's messages here prompt a revival of the Blinux list, I'm sure that
will be a good thing.  I sometimes have questions that would be better for
that presumably generic list on Linux and the blind than for this or any
other more specialized list.  When I last looked at the list, though, it was
unused, and you can't seek wisdom at a place where there are no wiseguys to
offer it.  

I don't think I've been far off the topic in my questions on this list.
There have been times, though, where I wasn't sure where my question
belonged.  If I used only Vinux or Debian or Arch, I'd add that list to my
small repertoir, and would have one more place to go with questions.  I
think I'd have to delete well over a hundred messages if I were on all or
even most of the lists people have mentioned in this thread, though, so the
inconvenience is much less when dealing with both on-topic and off-topic
Orca list messages that I don't need to look at.

In short, on topic is of course desirable.  Accurate subject lines are
especially desirable.  Still, I won't cry a river if (though maybe an
occasional stream) if I have to delete messages that probably should be
somewhere else.  Of course, I also won't cry if the moderators find a gentle
way to reduce the number of such messages.


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Thanks for your replies,

@ThomasWard, yes you are saying that you want a single point of contact, and
what some people feel is that maybe the blinux list should be used for this
purpose, and if more specialist advise is required then one should ask the
question/report the problem on the specific list.
The point is not to deny helping each other, but to have this help targeted,
as well as having space for feature discussions and improvement suggestions.
Most of us are subscribed to these various mailing lists, but when I go to
the blinux list I am happy and have the time to help, and when i read the
orca list i want to see if someone has reported a problem that i've come
across, or if i wish to discuss a particular feature.
I know for certain that I am not the only person that do this. It is just a
little bit of a colture difference for people that come from windows, and
its another small thing that we all had to learn at some point. The idea is
not to be negative or unhelpful, but to be constructive and guide people to
the right channels.

@CraigBlake, I can't remember if the various email lists are linked to from
the orca wiki, I will look and update if they are not there already.
Yes, discussion of features/improvements are very much ontopic for this
list. If your idea is very clear and you don't wish to discuss it with other
users first, then you can open a bugzilla ticket with your feature
request/improvement with a detailed description. Sometimes we reach a
consensis then a ticket is opened.
If the suggestions are unrelated, then one email per suggestion with a good
subject please :)

@Nolan, it would be a shame if all of us old orca list members unsubscribed,
it is better if we try to work together to remind each other when we go off
topic, otherwise you would not be the only one to unsubscribe, and our orca
would be the worse off.

@ChristopherChaltain, liberal is good, but having to delete over 100
messages for the last few weeks unrelated to orca or orca specific features
is not ideal. If you want a comparison just look at the archive of the last
two months, and the same two months from two years ago, and look at the
ratio between related/unrelated messages.
Your point of having good clear subject lines is very valuable, most these
things are mensioned in the orca list guidelines linked to at the bottom of
each orca list email:
It is excellent that we are getting more users and every single one is

@mattias, the blinux list would be more active if more people asked
questions there.


On Mon 15/08/11,14:56, Nolan Darilek wrote:
> On 08/15/2011 02:49 PM, Jon wrote:
> >Do people feel the same/any other views?
> >
> >
> Absolutely. I've brought this up many times previously, and generally 
> people agree, but nothing gets done. I was thinking that I might just 
> leave the list this time.
> I get that it seems nice to help people, and to answer off-topic 
> questions. However, think of what would happen if *everyone* on *every 
> list* did that. If my Scala list is spammed with Ruby questions, my 
> ATX Hackerspace group gets postings on San Francisco events, and my 
> Android list gets overwhelmed by questions from iPhone users, then 
> what's the point of mailing lists? For every one person who says "I 
> can't get my wireless to work. I use Orca. I'll send that to the Orca 
> list!" hundreds of us spend time deleting. And just where do we draw 
> the line in that case? At the moment I'm learning about internet 
> marketing. I use Orca. Should I start posting questions about 
> advertising and affiliate marketing here because I happen to use Orca 
> while doing these things?
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