Re: [orca-list] Orca and underline in openoffice

Hey all,

Confirm braille is working as you would expect.

I'm glad this proof reading thing has been cleared up. I actually thought Orca was supposed to announce style changes as you navigate through text (provided you'd specified those style changes you were interested in in the preferences dialogue).

I guess it's the classic case of someone thinking Orca would behave like er, that other screen reader <smile>

A proof reading mode, where Orca would automatically announce changes in the style of the text it is reading, gets my vote.

Perhaps a keystroke toggle for turning it on/off for maximum convenience.

Another idea might be a keystroke to move to next/prior change in style. That could be useful for checking where your style changes are I think.


On 30/05/10 17:32, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey Michael.

The Braille works great now.
Woo hoo! Thanks for testing.

Can I just ask one question relating to this: Is it possible to get
orca to read the attribute changes while it reads a line/reading a
document? EG. The following line if you were to cursor on to it:
Here is some underlined text
could be read as something like:
Here is "underline on" some underlined "underline off" text

I really feel if that were to be added it should be possible to turn
on and off, its only specific cases where I want such behavior.
Sounds like an excellent candidate for an RFE. If you file it, I'll see
what I can do. (It's OOo Weekend if you hadn't already guessed.<smile>)

Take care.

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