Re: [orca-list] Orca and underline in openoffice

The Braille works great now.

Can I just ask one question relating to this: Is it possible to get orca to read the attribute changes while it reads a line/reading a document? EG. The following line if you were to cursor on to it:
Here is some underlined text
could be read as something like:
Here is "underline on" some underlined "underline off" text

I really feel if that were to be added it should be possible to turn on and off, its only specific cases where I want such behavior.

Michael Whapples
On 05/30/2010 01:11 AM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey again Michael.

left and right margin keep reactivating.
I believe I have beaten them into submission. <smile>

Turns out the OOo Writer script was being a little overly-enthusiastic
about left and right margin. I tested the fix quite a bit to be sure
there wasn't something I was missing (i.e. about why it had originally
been done the way it had). It's all working exactly as I would expect
now. Therefore, I went ahead and committed the change to master. As
always, testing love is appreciated.

Thanks for all your reports on the OOo stuff! Take care.


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