[orca-list] Orca and underline in openoffice

I am trying to get orca to inform me about underline text in openoffice writer, but I am not having great success in what I want to achieve.

I went to orca preferences and went to text attributes. I check the boxes in the table for speech and braille for underline and go to OK. Now when I open a document with underlined text I find that orca doesn't announce the underline when reading the line (and the braille indication isn't there although I set that to dot-8). Now if I cursor to the character which should be underlined and press orca+f I do hear that it is underlined.

My problem with the above behavior is that I must be aware that underline might be used, hence why I want orca to announce it while reading. I am slightly confused why Braille isn't showing this, if I mispell a word in this email I get dot8 under each character of the word.

Any help would be useful.

Michael Whapples

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