[orca-list] Laptop keystrokes for Orca without numPads

Hi all,
the subject should pretty much be enough. But I have a few questions.
1. How useable is orca on a laptop?
2. What documentation if any is available to learn the Orca laptop
keyboared layout?
3. Does Orca at this time have an option that would allow one to use
it all without utilizing a numeric keypad layout?
This would include flat-review and every other Orca setting where a
desktop keyboard would be assumed to be in use.

That's a great concern of mine.
For instance, although my Laptop does have an FN-Key where I can force
it to emulate num-pad functionality, I do not use it, and would
strongly resist having to use that. I hardly do.
If  Orca lacks such a thing in it, this would be a nice thing to see
put into it.
How difficult would this be to develop into the Orca screen reader,
without breaking the existing desktop keyboard functionality?
Have a look at something like the laptop keyboard layout put into the
JAWS for Windows screen-access program from Freedom Scientific, Inc.
Having a laptop keyboard layout similar to that in Orca where capslock
is also like the insert (orca key) and such.
If this already exists, great- but if not, I wanted to bring this up anyways.
Thanks. Sorry for bringing this up if it has already been discussed,
but as I haven't had time to go thorugh the list archives I'm not sure
if such topic has come up.
Thanks and have a great day!

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