Re: [orca-list] thunderbird combo content not shown in Braille when combo box has focus

Michael Whapples <mwhapples aim com> wrote:
A related question, if I applied a patch to my git repository (its
the one you made available a couple of days ago for improving
performance by allowing scripts to ignore certain events), how do I
maintain having that patch? Do I need to unpatch, update from git,
reapply the patch or can I somehow merge? Aside: I haven't noticed
any serious side affects from that performance patch.

Have you committed the patch to your local Git repository? If so, running git
pull will do a merge, which will succeed unless there are conflicts between
your changes and the changes retrieved from the remote repository.

What you'll probably find more convenient is to commit your changes to a local
branch rather than the master branch. Branching in Git is quick and very
useful; see for details.

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