[orca-list] thunderbird combo content not shown in Braille when combo box has focus

Just wonder if this has been filed in bugzilla, if not I can do that. Also what is the magic number for the thunderbird meta bug in orca's bugzilla? Where can I get a list of the magic numbers to remember?

OK, the bug, well I think the title says it all. If I were now to press shift+tab so that the to combo box has focus my Braille display would show (without the quote marks):
" combo"
Note the space before combo. Speech works fine.

I also notice it when searching for messages in a folder using the find/search dialog (eg. field selection combo, how should the string be matched, etc).

I have just tested this with orca 2.30.1 and don't notice it, its the version in GIT showing this bug. Could it be related to all those Braille changes Joanie did? Sorry Joanie, didn't mean to point a finger but I remember at the time you said watch out for where there are differences.

Michael Whapples

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