Re: [orca-list] voxin with orca

Edit ~/.speech-dispatcher/conf/speechd.conf and look for a line with the following content:
AddModule "ibmtts"       "sd_ibmtts"    "ibmtts.conf"
Probably the line is commented, with a # sign in front it.
Remove the # sign, save the file and restart speech-dispatcher.
To restart you can try killall speech-dispatcher.

Should work.
On 06/07/2010 06:10 PM, Andrea Roveretto wrote:
I am trying to use  the voxin sinthesizer I acquired from oralux with
orca on a ubuntu 10.4 distribution.

I installed it following the directions, meaning I typed
sudo ./ and everything seemed ok.
but when i go to the orca preferences I don't see any changes in the
voices I can select.
Thanks alot for any help or pinter.

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