Re: [orca-list] On the Profiles UI confusion

I think the idea of dynamically applying the profile as you move
through the combo box is an interesting one.  However, if some of
those profiles used a speech system that wasn't immediately available
on a system, you could experience speech loss which could be a bit
bummer.  So maybe not so good.

I think it still simple enough to just load the profile instantly when
the load button is pressed.  I am wondering though, if when the Save
as button is pressed, if we shouldn't fill the edit box with the
current file name.  I say this because this way if one wants to make
changes to the current profile, all needs be done is make the desired
changes and then press the Save as button and hit enter to accept the
default of being the current name.  If the user wants to make it
something else, then mere overtype/edit the file name like in any
other editting environment.

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