[orca-list] On the Profiles UI confusion

Hey guys.

So I am re-reading the threads and bug reports. That there are these
many questions concerns me a great deal. We need to figure out how to
eliminate the confusion. So let's do it. <smile>

It strikes me that there are two areas of confusion:
1. The two profiles combo boxes
2. Load versus Apply/Ok

I think it makes sense to have each of these combo boxes. At any given
moment you may be using an alternative profile; that alternative profile
is not the same profile you normally want to be using when you launch

Question: Would a different label for either or both of those combo
boxes help clear things up?

I think part of the confusion might be that normally the way you
interact with Orca preferences is to make any changes that you wish to
make, and then you press Apply or OK and those changes take effect.
Unless it's a profile. In which case you must press Load.

I think this is complicated by the fact that when you do a Save As, the
Active Profile combo box displays that newly-saved profile, even though
it's not the active profile. This was done, I believe, so that you could
then immediately load it without having to select it first. Which makes
sense. However, because normally when you press Apply/OK, all the
changes you have made are applied, the question becomes: Why didn't the
Active Profile get activated? and/or When do I have to press Load?

So here's what I'm wondering:

1. Do we really need (want) a Load button, or should the Apply/OK button
   include applying the currently-selected Active Profile?

2. If we do need (want) a Load button, should the Active Profile combo 
   box automatically change to contain the newly-saved profile?

Thoughts/ideas/other suggestions?


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