Re: [orca-list] Perhaps the fix for all the reported problems loading profiles? Please test.

Hey Attila.

Another interesting issue or possible this is full good:

I think it's good to be honest.

When I change from the startup profile for example my second awailable 
profile to default profile or vica versa and click OK button with 
preferences dialog, the modifyed keystrokes is not setted up another 
values with the new choosed profile related settings before I not 
restart Orca (quit and full restart or run orca --replace command).

Exactly. The start up profile is the profile which should be used when
Orca is launched/relaunched.

In order to change the SayAll keybinding for the current/active session,
you need to select that other profile as the Active Profile and then
explicitly load it by pressing the Load button.

The idea is that we're not going to change profiles on you unexpectedly.
You control when your profile gets loaded.

Please test my prewious sent second user-settings.conf file, I changed 
only my second profile the sayall document command.

I looked at it, I also tested with it. For me personally, things are
behaving just like I would expect.

This is good method?

It's the intended method.

That there's confusion about this concerns me. What would make things
less confusing?

If yes, I go to rest this remaining year I think. :-):-)

Heheh. Go rest. It's the holiday and you've done a ton of work around
this and the documentation.

Take care. And thanks again!

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