Re: [orca-list] Perhaps the fix for all the reported problems loading profiles? Please test.

Hey Halim.

Loading a new profile seems to work now in current orca from git.

Awesome. Thanks for that update!

When i open orca setup, change things like synth braille verbosity etc,
goto save profile and enter a name, click save.
Orcasaves the profile and selects it as active (which is ok).

Q: Should orca save aND APPLY the settings of the new profile automaticaly

Personally, I think the user should have to explicitly load those

I suspect what most users will do with this new capability is think of
all the situations they encounter for which profiles are needed
(different languages which need to be read, settings based on different
working environments/conditions, etc.) and create and save those
profiles so that they can be used later. Whilst in the middle of the
creation process those situations are not presenting themselves.

or should the user press apply to apply them manually after saving?

Hopefully it's press load to load them manually after saving. :-)


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