Re: [orca-list] change the orca modifier key

This sounds like you may be using a version of Orca that came out
before these latest changes.  But even with the enhancement of being
able to choose Orca modifier keys, you still cannot use a Start key
like you want.  With the modifier key enhancement, you choose the Key
bindings page in the configu dialog as you have done; then pressing
tab should first put you on a combo box where you can choose between
Caps Lock, KP_Insert (the insert key on the num pad), Insert (the
insert key in the six-pack of keys on your keyboard), or both insert
keys.  At this time, that's all that you can choose from.  Future
improvements may allow for more flexible key assignments.  The effort
for that would be far more extensive than what could be implemented so
far with the time and available programming talent at the present

Even though this combo box feature is available, you might still be
able to dig into the file in your home
directory and modify that key by hand but you might need to know
things like scan codes and such in order to map to the right key.
Actually, I will paste in what I used to use in my before the change; note that I have it left in
there but is commented out right now.
#orca.settings.orcaModifierKeys = ['KP_Insert']
You just need to figure out the name of the start key plus I'm not
sure if Orca would work with that key right now or not.  Anyway, worth
a try.

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 07:13:43PM -0400, Josh Kennedy wrote:
I cannot figure out how to change the orca modifier key the capslock key to the left windows or left start 
button key. All I see is the key binding then I arrow right to the key itself then arrow right to a 
checkbox that says modified. I don't see a change button or anything like that. I also don't see an add 
button either. Can someone explain the key bindings dialog to me?

Josh Kennedy
jkenn337 gmail com

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