Re: [orca-list] Help write Orca docs

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I would be willing to help provided I can learn the formats used for
the various delivery mechanisms such as gnome help, wiki etc.  So far,
I've found excelent information on the Wiki.  But I think when you
come up in the Orca panel and come across the help button, I would
love to see a lot more info in there.  That to me, would be the
appropriate place for off line documentation.  I find the help screens
in gnome to be very accessible now without having to mess with yelp
substitutes or any of that.

If any concepts are written concerning migrating from Windows, please,
please do not revolve around a single screen reader.  Not all of us
use Jaws! I also still support the notion that Orca is not in any way
a Jaws imitation.

I'm wondering if the Orca help documents could provide a lot of
getting started concepts like what has already been suggested and
include links to the online wiki pages for "later - added on"
documentation that hadn't been yet added to Orca.

Where can someone learn how to update gnome help documents?

I would be willing to help out wherever possible.
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