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Hi Cearbhall:

Right now, Orca doesn't provide a way for you to do this easily. We have some enhancement requests in the Orca database, however, that are related to this.

One way to go about this (which is what an existing enhancement request should cover) would be to have Orca automatically switch voices settings based upon the object with focus. So, you might configure Orca to use eSpeak with a faster rate when navigating menu items, but then have Orca automatically switch to Callie with a slower rate when reading text entries, paragraphs, etc.

Another might be to provide keybindings to allow you to quickly switch or cycle between preferred voice settings. We also have a related enhancement request to allow for language switching. While this request includes changing the active locale, it also potentially involves keybindings to do the voice switching.

Having said all that, there might be a way to hack this into your ~/.orca/ or ~/.orca/ file, but I unfortunately don't have time to hack on it right now.

Maybe a list member might want to give it a try?


Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:
My apologies for leaving the entire digest attached to my last message!

I have installed Cepstral Callie as a voice to use for reading long
documents. I find the ESpeak is better for navigating through the system and
reading menus. How might I configure Orca to allow me to switch between
these two engines on one keystroke? I notice that I prefer different speech
rates for each speech synthesizer. The existing key binding for speech rate
might be sufficient for this But I would welcome any other suggestions.
All the best,
Cearbhall T:(01) 6364364 M: 083 33 234 87 E: omeadhrac ncad ie
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