Re: [orca-list] Focus Tracking - Orca to Compiz

Hi Thomas:

We were working on the notion of a D-Bus API for the eZoom stuff, but it ended up getting side tracked. :-(

Dr. Joseph Scheuhammer of the ATRC at the University of Toronto is currently looking at putting magnification support in GNOME Shell, however, and this might end up being the approach we support. As we intended with eZoom, we'll create a D-Bus API that will allow Orca to suggest the portions of the screen to magnify. We'd also like to incorporate some notion of a "highlighting" feature as well.


Thomas Lloyd wrote:
Hi All,

I wanted to get your feedback on the potential of linking the focus
location point generated by Orca and feed that directly into the eZoom
plug-in as an option in compiz. Allowing for a basic level of tracking
on the screen.

I have enough skill to be able to create a patch against both projects
if i can get you guys on side.

Some pointers in the right direction would be great and to contact the
people who are directly working on the magnifications side of the


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