[orca-list] Handling of repeated characters in Thunderbird not working properly

Hi all,

I've noticed that Orca isn't announcing repeated characters properly in Thunderbird.

At the bottom of every message sent to this list I should hear a line that reads

"47 underline characters"

followed by all the usual list info blurb. But now Orca is reading every instance of the character. I.e, I'm hearing "underscore" 47 times when I arrow to that line.

Now if I copy the line to the clipboard and paste it into gedit for example, it reads properly as "47 underline characters".

So the problem seems to be Thunderbird specific. Oddly though, some characters such as the star character (*) are being handled properly in Thunderbird.

Also, if punctuation is set to "all" then the underline characters are correctly counted. I have it set to "some" normally. The punctuation level doesn't seem to affect the repeat character feature in other apps like gedit though.

I'm using latestOrca from git master.  Anyone confirm this?


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