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Hi Jann,
What I am calling status bar is the place where I can read the line and column number where the cursor is positioned. When I was using eclipse with jaws I could read this information.

On 17-03-2009 16:31, Jann Schneider wrote:
Hi all,

what kind of script will this be? Some kind of an orca patch? I think it would be nice to implement an eclipse plugin instead to have the portability to also use this plugin on ALL Platforms.

Also I'm not quite sure, if you mean the status bar or the quick overview ruler beside the editor. But yes, both of them are currently inaccessible...

@All: if one of you encounter such problems or simply has some nice ideas on how to improove accessibility on eclipse PLEASE drop me a line on

I will paralell see what I can do with an plugin to provide such content for example on a simple text viewpart or something nicely readable ..

Regards J&J

Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza schrieb:
Hi Will,
I'll try to create a custom script, however I'll need some help since I don't know the orca's structure.

I've the following questions:
1) How orca identify the script to be loaded? I suspect that is using the application name. Assuming that it is true, I'll have problems since orca can not identify correctly the eclipse's name.

2) In the WhereAmI class I found a function called _speakStatusBar with the following line:
        text = self._getObjName(self._statusBar)
I am assuming that this code retrieves the content of the status bar. Is this correct? It can be used to retrieve the content of different kinds of componnents?


On 16-03-2009 09:40, Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks Jose!

Yep - looks like eclipse isn't putting things in a status bar. So, Orca's default code won't find it. In order to get this working with eclipse, it looks like either eclipse needs to be modified to put things in a real status bar object or a custom script for Orca will need to be written so its where am I code can discover the status-bar-like-thing in eclipse.

If you are a programmer, would you like to give this a try? I think what you'd need to do is create a script for eclipse that merely provides a custom WhereAmI class that overrides the _getStatusBar method.


Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza wrote:
Hi Will,

With help of my son I could verify that the information that I am looking for is present in a component that is announced by orca as panel. This component has information like line and column number where the cursor is positioned, information about presence of erros in the line and etc. I suspected that eclipse team did not code this component as a status bar.


On 15-03-2009 22:21, Willie Walker wrote:
It turns out I was able to get a copy of eclipse 3.4.0 for OpenSolaris 2008.11 b109 rather easily, so I was able to do some quick digging.

I'm not seeing the same application name strangeness you are, but I do see the NULL children problem. I'm also not finding anything of role status bar in the hierarchy.

Do you have sighted assistance that could verify a status bar exists in the UI where you're trying to find a status bar? In addition, if you could take a screen shot (press PrintScreen) of the window you're observing, it would be great.



Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Jose:

The suspicious things are the strange application name and the NULL children. I've never dug into eclipse to figure out how it might be interacting with AT-SPI, so I'm not sure what might be going wrong. It might be an AT-SPI infrastructure change that caused the problem, but I'm not sure.

If you want to file a bug with Orca and don't mind that it might take us a while to get to it (Eclipse is not at the top of our priority list at the moment :-(), we might be able to take a look sometime in the coming months. If you'd like more immediate action, however, you might point the Eclipse folks to the bad app name and the NULL children and perhaps recommend they use accerciser as a means to start debugging the problem.


Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza wrote:
Hi Will,

I'll try to open a bug in bugzilla site.

is there something in special that must be pointed?
What evidences may I include? The erros (trace messages from orca are sufficient)? Is it possible that the problems found can be caused by an old version of accessibility infra-structure?

Thanks again.

On 15-03-2009 19:57, Willie Walker wrote:
Yech - yeah it looks like the accessible hierarchy Orca is getting from Eclipse is screwed in some way. This might be something that needs to be taken to the Eclipse team since it seems to be out of our hands. :-(


Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza wrote:
OK, in attach a file with the the content after I press orca_key+ctrl+alt+pageDown.

I didn't find mentions to something like a status bar.

Another strange thing is the content shown to

On 14-03-2009 21:56, Willie Walker wrote:
After I got this error I included the same suggested code before line 1882.

            if not child:
            state = child.getState()

No more erros. However I can not get the content of the status line.


It seems that eclipse doesn't provide a status bar. I remember that when I was a jaws user, I could access something like a status bar. In this component I could read information about line and collumn position, and error messages.

It might have a status bar, but it looks as though something might screwed up enough in the hierarchy so as to prevent Orca from getting to it. I don't have eclipse handy, so I can't debug this. :-(

You *might* try pressing Insert+Ctrl+Alt+PageDown to invoke the Orca debug command that dumps the hierarchy of the application to the console where Orca is started. You could search that for any sign of a status bar. This attempts to dump the complete hierarchy, so it can be very verbose, though. In addition, since we might be dealing with a broken hierarchy in ecplise, the debug code might end up running into that to.



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