Re: [orca-list] eclipse and status line

After I got this error I included the same suggested code before line 1882.

            if not child:
            state = child.getState()

No more erros. However I can not get the content of the status line.


It seems that eclipse doesn't provide a status bar. I remember that when I was a jaws user, I could access something like a status bar. In this component I could read information about line and collumn position, and error messages.

It might have a status bar, but it looks as though something might screwed up enough in the hierarchy so as to prevent Orca from getting to it. I don't have eclipse handy, so I can't debug this. :-(

You *might* try pressing Insert+Ctrl+Alt+PageDown to invoke the Orca debug command that dumps the hierarchy of the application to the console where Orca is started. You could search that for any sign of a status bar. This attempts to dump the complete hierarchy, so it can be very verbose, though. In addition, since we might be dealing with a broken hierarchy in ecplise, the debug code might end up running into that to.


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