Re: [orca-list] Controlling Virtual Box from Command Line Interface

Hi, all operations can be done using the command VBoxManage.
There is a chapter in the manual dedicated to this subject.

Recently I wrote a small tutorial about how to create and configure a virtual machine using the VBoxManage command. The problem is that I wrote in brazilian portuguese. You can write me in PVT and I can try help you.
On 06/04/2009 03:48 AM, Petra Ritter wrote:

I am looking for a manual for the Commamd line Interface for Virtual

As far I understand it is possible to controll Virtual Box complitly
from the Comand line interface. is it posible to create VMs from the
Comand line. too?

Just in case Willi Walker from Sun reading this Mail.
I am looking also for a method to use Virtual Box on a Windows host.
Is there any Chance  to get Virtual Box runing with the Sun
Accessibility bridge and Jaws 8 or 9?

Best regards

Petra Ritter

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