Re: [orca-list] question with panel tooltips

On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 13:44 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Attila:

The Ctrl+F1 action tells the toolkit to show the tooltip for an object. 
  The AT-SPI event Orca gets when the tooltip is shown is the way Orca 
discovers the tooltip and can then make the decision about whether or 
not to present the contents of the tooltip.  Unless the application 
developer has hooked the tooltip contents up to something else, such as 
an accessible description, this is the only way Orca can discover the text.

So...I believe the short answer to your question is that there is not a 
way to automatically cause the behavior you get when Ctrl+F1 is pressed. 
  There is an /apps/panel/global/tooltips_enabled boolean property, but 
changing its value didn't seem to have the effect desired.

Indeed,I tryed doing it too.
And by the way isn't it good to only have orca read the tooltip when we
need it rather than it blabbering all the things under and around the
cursor?  Some times too much of speech can reduce your own performance
while doing work.

happy hacking.

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