Re: [orca-list] urgent: Ubuntu 9.04 high-speed speech problem

luke Davis <speakup lists tacticus com> wrote:
Interesting.  It was my impression that it did that by default.  It was 
certainly using gnome-speech during the install (during which it worked 
fine), and I thought, apparently incorrectly, that in Jaunty, installing 
speech-dispatcher was a proactive step, not the default.

I think Speech-Dispatcher became the default in Ubuntu as of version 9.10, if
I remember the announcement correctly. Luke Yelavich has also been customizing
and improving Speech-Dispatcher, which is why, in the case of Ubuntu, the way
everything is set up differs somewhat from other distributions.

Everyone else will be moving from Gnome-Speech to Speech-Dispatcher at some
point, but most distributions haven't done so yet by default.

My advice: get sound working first, then your synthesizer, perhaps test it
with something other than Orca, then get either Gnome-Speech or
Speech-Dispatcher working. Taking PulseAudio out of the scenario would
simplify the situation and might help.

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