Re: [orca-list] ssh (x11)

Here is a sort of fix for speech:

It is possible to get python speech-dispatcher bindings to contact a remote speech-dispatcher server. You do it by setting some environment variables (sorry can't remember what they are off hand). So if the ssh server can make outgoing connections and your local machine can recieve incoming connections on the speech-dispatcher port, you could set the environment variable in your account on the server to point to your local machine and use speech-dispatcher in orca.

I don't know whether such a method could be used for brltty.

I know it has limitations and you may need to create a script to automatically work out your IP address if you use dhcp or different machines for your local computer, but it might do some of what you want.

Personally I use ssh from the command line with speakup and brltty.

Michael Whapples
On 23/12/42 19:59, Daniel Dalton wrote:

Has anyone had any luck with ssh and connecting to an x11 host? eg.
ssh user host -p<port>  -Xf gedit
Doesn't work! Which kinda makes sense, I guess you need orca running on
client and server. I have orca running in the shell I was typing this
from. So is there a certain way to get this to work? Or is it not yet
possible for us to access x11 over ssh?

I also tried the above command replacing gedit with orca, to try
and start speech, but got nothing apart from standard speech on my



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