Re: [orca-list] ssh (x11)

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 16:53:01 +1000, Daniel Dalton <d dalton iinet net au>

Has anyone had any luck with ssh and connecting to an x11 host? eg. 
ssh user host -p <port> -Xf gedit
Doesn't work! Which kinda makes sense, I guess you need orca running on
client and server. I have orca running in the shell I was typing this
from. So is there a certain way to get this to work? Or is it not yet
possible for us to access x11 over ssh?

Probably it's not possible, but there is very easy way to edit files on
distant host.

At first, use gnome menu "places" - "connect to server" (or something
similar, I have Polish version of Gnome). Select ssh as method, if you need
you can create shortcut. After then run gedit locally, select "open" from
menu, go to "places" (Alt-P in English locale) and use arrow keys to find
your shortcut. You will be able to select and edit files on distant host
even if gedit is not installed on this host.


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