Re: [orca-list] I have some questions about the OpenSolaris live cd?

Hi Michael:

Yeah!  Glad to hear you were able to get things working.

live CD. Firstly things worked for me as described. One thing which was 
slightly surprising (as it can be a real pain on Linux) is the audio worked 
well for me, speech and audio files I played mixed without any problem, no 
latency on audio output (particularly speech), etc.

It has been my argument that the operating system really is the one that
needs to resolve the audio issue.  Sun has managed to get it working
pretty well for most use cases.

One of my main comments is that for the keyboard and language selection 
menus, I did get the beeps, but not knowing the working of the menus I just 
pressed enter although I would have preferred english UK settings. May be a 
document describing what to do here.

Agreed.  Would a separate list of the available options help?  We can
set up a page to contain those, though the risk is that the list might
become out of date if we're not careful to verify it for each release.

When I used the live CD with orca, in the sounds dialog I was unable to tell 
it to enable sounds although orca didn't report the checkboxes as disabled 
(only flat review was finding these checkboxes). Is this observation 

Yep -- the options are disabled and Orca's flat review is not providing
you with information about this.  I guess this should be logged as a bug
or enhancement in the Orca bugzilla database.

Why is openoffice not on the live CD? I know that these CDs can be very 
tightly packed so sometimes you need to leave things out.

Ha - you answered your own question. :-)  But, I think you should be
able to install it by typing the following command in a gnome-terminal:

pfexec pkg install openoffice

Why is opensolaris using python 2.4.4? This just seems very old and isn't 
(as I remember) the highest patch version of the 2.4 branch.

I don't really know the answer to this, but I'm also not sure of any
dependency we might have on the later versions.  In any case, you might
try asking at indiana-discuss opensolaris org, which is an excellent
place to discuss OpenSolaris issues.

Congrats again on getting your installation working!


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