[orca-list] I have some questions about the OpenSolaris live cd?

Hi, I guess I had the wrong image, because when I downloaded the one in Wills message, it doesn't even boot. 
I know why, according to the instructions you need 750 Mb of ram to boot it. My first question is, is this 
going to be corrected by final release? By the way, when will the final release be?
   Next, since I can't run this CD right now, has anyone played around with this to any extent? If so what 
was your experience? Do the adman apps all work from your account or from the live CD with out enabling the 
root account?
   Is there a add remove programs in this system like we have in ubuntu. If there is, does it work with Orca? 
Last, are there any apps in OpenSolaris that we don't get with ubuntu? If so, do any of them work with Orca?
   Thanks for any info, Mike.

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