Re: [orca-list] terminal stuff and email (was Best email solution?)

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Yes, I play with Thunderbird frequently and it seems to be coming
along pretty well.  But I keep gravitating back to my comfort zone,
mutt in a gnome terminal.  I open up a second tab and have emacs
always running so now when I wish to reply or start a new message, I
get the message "Waiting for emacs... so I hit ctrl-page down and I'm
in the emacs session...  Anyway, see emacs client for more details on
that part.

Concering the terminal, I really wish we could beef things up in
there; AFAIK, there is no way to track a highlight cursor such as in
the bookmark manager in ncftp for example.  I think David below sited
the kernel configuration for a similar situation.  If I'm going to do
work in a text environment, I would much rather be in a gnome terminal
than a strate text console because of the ability to cut/paste text
with other gnome apps and the ability to have multiple terminals open
under the same session.  Also, one really cool thing about the
terminal is the ability to scroll back to previous pages.  I can't do
that with speakup at all.

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 11:24:45PM -0700, David Csercsics wrote:
I'll add myself to the list of people who do pretty much everything
in a terminal and I find that for the most part Orca reading gnome terminal does a
decent job but it has trouble with pagers and the like and things where
there is scrolling text. It wants to read the whole screen instead of
just the new text that comes in which is not really that helpful for
things like when the screen scrolls in your editor or the menu you get
from the configuration system used by the kernel for example when you
move the cursor keys and cause the screen to scroll. Since this is a
low priority for some if somebody wants to explain the architecture of
things a bit and might want to give me a good idea of where to start
I wouldn't mind hacking something up as I really would rather not use
a text console when there is a nice large terminal sitting there that
should work. Since we were talking about email my commandline mail client
of choice is nmh. The thing is old yes but is getting bugfixes and the 1.3
release is due out shortly. GUI's are just not ideal for text processing
especially of high volume mail lists and usenet and the like since you
need to organize all that data to filter the relevant parts. Heck, last
I checked the GUI mail clients didn't even support regex for searches
or at least it wasn't obvious to me where it was.
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