Re: [orca-list] Emacs in gnome was [orca not speaking after screenis locked]

Well, I tried speechd-el in a text console, after much fooling around
trying to load eieio and having to add the directory to load-path
manually, I was able to load this and it was not too bad, although it
didn't seem to communicate with brltty.  One thing I did notice was
that the read rest of buffer comand did not position the cursor where
it left off, but that possibly could be fixed.  However, have you
tried this in Gnome and would it actually conflict with ORCA?  I am
using speech dispatcher as the Orca driver.

on Wednesday 05/14/2008 Hynek Hanke(hanke brailcom org) wrote
David E. Price napsal(a):
There is another possible solution for getting speech support for emacs in 
It is speechd-el, a direct application reader for Emacs. It can
provide a better support for Emacs since it knows about the
context of the various buffers, minibuffer, language etc. It also
uses sound-icons to tell about various Emacs events.

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Hynek Hanke

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