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Well, I am not an emacspeak user, I thought gnome would give good
feedback -- I am using emacs with a speakup modified kernel and its
pretty nice,but it would be nice to do it in gnome because I could
click on a link and have it run in firefox instead of lynx  in an
emacs terminal.

If I run emacs from a gnome-terminal I hear nothing at all, not even
the echo area.

on Wednesday 05/07/2008 David E. Price(deprice cs utah edu) wrote
Hi, John,

If you want to start emacs in a gnome terminal, you can type "emacs -nw 
[<filename>]".  As Will stated, it is not nearly as good as emacspeak.

Last I tried running emacspeak in an X window, there was a conflict with 
Orca.  You could run either at a given time, but not both. If I tried to 
switch between them, everything in the X session would hang. Killing either 
emacspeak or Orca would free everything up again.  Using the emacspeak 
speech server from within Orca will give you access to a hardware speech 
synthesizer (unless, as Will said, it has broken since), but it won't solve 
the conflict between emacspeak and Orca.  Also, things got a bit squirrelly 
with the emacspeak speech server every time I opened the Orca Preferences 
dialog. (Given these problems, I never bothered to track down why I couldn't 
get emacs to start in an X window using my .emacs file--don't know if you 
would run into the same problem.)

Sadly, there is no easy way to cut and paste between a console and gnome. My 
method to transfer data between emacs in a console and the gnome desktop is 
really clunky.  When I need to do it, I save data to a file, then open the 
file up on the other side.  Not pretty, but I've found no other way.

Hope this helps,


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Hi John:

OK, thanks for that -- I do everything in emacs -- including Email and
usenet, so this is a real bummer.  So is there any way in the world to
get text from a regular console into gnome, so I can use firefox
rather than a text browser?

I'm assuming you're an emacspeak user?  If so, there is some level of
functionality for Orca to use emacspeak for its speech output.  It's
been a long time since I tried it, though, so it might be broken.

And if you know, what would emacs have to do to itself to make it work
with orca -- it is compiled with gtk and I thought this would make
things speak.

While the menus and such are probably accessible, I'd guess that the
main text area of emacs is probably inaccessible and it would take a
fair amount of work inside the guts of emacs to make it accessible.  As
an alternative, you *might* try running emacs inside a gnome-terminal
by unsetting the DISPLAY environment variable before running it.  But,
if you're an emacspeak user, this probably won't be satisfactory.

I did want xterm because of VT220 emulation -- is there another
alternative for that?

gnome-terminal provides some level of emulation, but I don't know how
much you need.


on Monday 05/05/2008 Willie Walker(William Walker Sun COM) wrote
Hi John:

xterm doesn't participate in the AT-SPI infrastructure, and emacs
doesn't, either.  So, you're not going to get good accessibility with

gnome-terminal, however, provides a decent terminal that is
   Depending upon your needs, you might also try gedit for text
  If you're an emacs power-user, though, gedit probably won't cut it.


John covici wrote:
OK, I will check that bug, other apps which I have found so far not
working are emacs and xterm -- do you know the status of either of

on Monday 05/05/2008 Willie Walker(William Walker Sun COM) wrote
Hi John:

There is a long standing bug with the screen saver:

If you add comments to the bug, we might get some renewed interest
in it.



John covici wrote:
Hi.  If I have the preferences set to lock the computer when the
screen saver comes on, Orca will not speak what appears to be a
password dialogue -- is there any way to get this working?


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